School Facilities

The Sidney Gutierrez School is located at 69 Gail Harris Boulevard in Roswell, New Mexico.  The School resides in two permanent structures; one, a 20,000 square foot framed building owned by the City of Roswell and leased to the school on an annual contractual agreement for the middle school students.  Second, a 11,000 square foot modular building leased to the school. The School maintains through the lease agreements, entire building and contents of the property with all square footage of the building meeting the specifications and requirements of an ADA and School Code compliant building.

The buildings have ample ambient lighting, recently renovated and upgraded with a climate control system, security system integrated with 24-hour surveillance and connectivity to the local police and fire department meetings local, state and federal safety regulations.   The buildings are each easily accessible from two major road systems and is in close proximity to the Roswell branch of Eastern New Mexico University, which provides multiple memorandums of understanding supporting student use of facilities and resources.

The School maintains all necessary insurance policies and certificates of occupancy for its use of the facilities.  The School is under contractual agreement with personnel responsible for the general maintenance and repair of the facility on a daily basis.  Janitorial/custodial services are rendered on a daily basis and major needs in building repairs to the infrastructure are under contractual agreement with the landlord of the building to be repaired by the landlord or their representative.