Sidney Gutierrez Schools

Inspired by Excellence – Driven by Innovation

The Schools in 2021 – 2022 will continue its innovative learning environment, motivating learners with a highly qualified staff employing empirically-based leading edge learning methodologies in achieving its mission.

Enriching Roswell’s educational landscape since 2001.

Sidney Gutierrez is devoted to excellence in teaching, learning and developing learners in a variety of academic disciplines.

  • Citywide focus – our students come from every elementary school in Roswell.
  • Challenging curricula – we encourage learning and growth designed in a multimodal approach to learning.


The mission of the Sidney Gutierrez Middle School is to provide a unique middle school environment which emphasizes technology-based tools, innovative curriculum and community participation and involvement.  SGMS will expose students to both basic and enhanced disciplines in an integrated way, allowing students to master required skills and to develop basic habits necessary to lifelong learning.  Students will develop skills that support and enhance their academic achievements such as teamwork, self-sufficiency, work ethic and community service.

Drawing upon current national educational research, the School is resolved to:

  • Improving results for students by setting high standards;
  • Adopting clear accountability measures;
  • Building partnerships with parents, businesses and communities;
  • Moving decisions to the school;
  • Successful implementation of performance-based standards and benchmarks;
  • Engaging in applied and experimental projects;
  • Employing authentic assessments.

The School’s entire pedagogical approach and curriculum is designed to improve student academic achievement as well as increasing student character within our student body. The School’s multi-disciplined, project-oriented approach improves student’s self-confidence, increases intrinsic motivation, stimulates interest in academic subjects and focuses attention on reading and writing to ensure high academic achievement across all disciplines.  The School’s curriculum is continuously reviewed to ensure that it meets all the benchmarks prescribed by the school’s goals and New Mexico Public Education Department’s content standards and benchmarks.

The goal of the School’s academic program is to promote students who are excellent writers, readers and problem solvers, who are conversant in a second language, knowledgeable about our society and other cultures, history and current events, and who are comfortable using technology as a tool for learning.

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