Academic Program

The SGMS continues its commitment to advancing the intellectual and social skills of the students during their enrollment.  High academic and social standards are continually maintained for all students and validated by rigorous and varied assessment methods.  Instruction continues to consist of a combination of individualized learning, group work, thematic and integrated learning projects delivered by a highly qualified and certified staff able to weave disciplinary strands together in the acquisition of knowledge and skills.

The goal of the School’s academic program is to promote students who are excellent writers, readers and problem solvers, who are conversant in a second language, knowledgeable about our society and other cultures, history and current events, and who are comfortable using technology as a tool for learning.

Building upon a strong curriculum aligned with the content standards, the School has established the following goals, objectives and student performance standards:

  • Students demonstrate effective reading, writing, and communication skills for each grade level:
  • Students demonstrate the ability to access, evaluate, synthesize, and present information using a variety of methods, with an emphasis on computer skills as tools for learning and information processing;
  • Students demonstrate the ability to apply mathematic and science concepts in an applied manner;
  • Students demonstrate grasp of social studies, current events and historical content relevant to their lives;
  • Students apply critical thinking skills and problem solving techniques to increase their ability to learn and obtain knowledge;
  • Students demonstrate mastery of academic and workplace competencies to prepare them for their introduction as valued members of society;
  • Students demonstrate proficiency in a second language to assist in communicating effectively in a diversely populated community; and
  • Students demonstrate understanding of life-long learning and work ethics as essential elements in transitioning to economic self-sufficiency;
  • Several essential components will constitute the school’s model for program delivery:
  • A strong curriculum and assessment system that, at a minimum, meets with statewide performance standards;
  • Integration of existing and emerging technologies into instruction and the development of work place readiness skills;
  • Instructors who meet the individual needs of students;
  • Empowerment of parents to be directly involved in the education and development of their children; and
  • Expansive engagement of business partners, institutions of higher education, private sector agencies, and the community at large.

The core curriculum of Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Mathematics, Technology, and Spanish will anchor the academic program.  The academic disciplines will be woven together in an integrated fashion in a way that is coherent and connects the disciplines, whereby all materials may be meaningful to the individual student.  The School is committed to providing each student with the opportunity to investigate areas of interest enhanced with the use of technology, in order to offer each child a broad range of possible academic opportunities.  Technology will be woven into the fabric of instruction at the school so that every student will be familiar with the use of technology in the pursuit of knowledge.