Community/Service Learning

Community service is an integral part of the School and students are required to perform services for community-based entities in each of the years they are enrolled in the school. The following is a short list of activities conducted by Sidney students recently:

National Park Service
Bitter Lake Refuge Restoration Project
ARC Riding Program
Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art
Casa Maria Nursing Home
Bird Sanctuary Cleanup
Homelesss Coalition Supply Drive
Animal Rescue Supply Drive
Caroling at nursing homes
Paint the bowl at the skate park

*Service learning is an educational experience where learning occurs through a cycle of action and reflection. Students use academic and civic knowledge to address genuine community needs as they engage positively in their community and enhance citizenship and personal communication skills. Service learning is a type of experiential, project-based learning that drives students’ academic interests and passions. Service learning also builds a greater sense of personal efficacy and identity, and aids in moral development. Learning outcomes of the service learning program include

  • a positive impact on students’ academic learning,
  • improve students’ ability to apply what they have learned in “the real world,”
  • enhance problem analysis and critical thinking skills and,
  • an improve students’ ability to understand complexity and ambiguity.

*Statement developed from the National Youth Leadership Council and the Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching