Educational Philosophy

Drawing upon current national educational research, the School is resolved to:

  • Improving results for students by setting high standards;
  • Adopting clear accountability measures;
  • Building partnerships with parents, businesses and communities;
  • Moving decisions to the school;
  • Successful implementation of performance-based standards and benchmarks;
  • Engaging in applied and experimental projects;
  • Employing authentic assessments.

The School’s entire pedagogical approach and curriculum is designed to improve student academic achievement as well as increasing student character within our student body. The School’s multi-disciplined, project-oriented approach improves student’s self-confidence, increases intrinsic motivation, stimulates interest in academic subjects and focuses attention on reading and writing to ensure high academic achievement across all disciplines.  The School’s curriculum is continuously reviewed to ensure that it meets all the benchmarks prescribed by the school’s goals and New Mexico Public Education Department’s content standards and benchmarks.

State and federal authorized testing measures (e.g. New Mexico Standards Based Assessments, PARCC) will continue to be administered for reporting purposes to the Districtand the Department.  However, substantial evidence in authentic testing and assessment measures will also be collected as additional evaluation metrics in determining that learning has occurred throughout the school.

The completion of student’s resource assessment items like but not limited to portfolios, the completion of projects and evaluation-based self-awareness curricula will serve as other metrics used to determine progress of the individual students of the school.  Other resources used in determining the progress of achieving the aforementioned goals of the school include:

  • Follow the statewide indicators of Student achievement, Attendance, Dropout, Safety, and Parent Community Involvement, which are all factors of the Accreditation Matrix authorized by the New Mexico Public Education Department.
  • Continued revisions to the Educational Plan for Student Success, NMDASH for the duration of the charter.
  • Provide relevant assessment measures for students, recognition of overall school achievement by staff, volunteers, and the Governing Council.