Instructional Practices

SGMS is committed to providing each student with the opportunity to investigate areas of interest enhanced with the use of technology, in order to offer each child a broad range of possible academic opportunities.  Technology will be woven into the fabric of instruction at the school so that every student will be familiar with the use of technology in the pursuit of knowledge.

The curriculum in the sixth, seventh and eighth grades will be based on standards of good middle school practice as stated by national and state standards in each academic discipline.  The School will continue to satisfy all of the curricular requirements mandated by the New Mexico Public Education Department and the United States Department of Education.  The core academic program will progressively emphasize strong skill development in reading, writing, mathematics, problem solving, problem finding, science, social studies, language acquisition and technology resources.

If determined necessary by the Governing Council of the School, modifications to curricula will occur based on the success of each program in conjunction with the recommendations of the Principal and staff through constant monitoring of student progress or the addition of emerging reform initiatives, technologies or professional development opportunities.

To ensure student success and maximum learning opportunities, the core content areas are presented in a number of ways including reading of primary and secondary source materials, expository instruction, applied and experiential learning opportunities and group projects where students will learn to work together in teams to accomplish a project deliverable.  The team concept will be encouraged because it reflects the modern-day workplace and is a frequent strategy of businesses and governments today.