SGMS Continuous Learning Platform

Mrs. McGuire

Sidney Snapshot

Week 7: Assignments – Mrs. Mcguire

May 11-May 15, 2020

Grade 8


Science Content Review

Read over the directions on the attachment ‘Science Content Review.’ Pick one option to demonstrate your understanding of one science topic you learned about during the second semester and found particularly interesting. Look back at the assignments in PowerSchool for the second semester if you need to refresh your brain on what we have learned about.

This is your time to shine so be creative and have fun!

If you are in Mrs. G’s reading class, the work you complete for science and reading this week will be a joint effort. Mrs. G has more detailed information on her section of the CLP for those in her class. Since this project will be taken as a grade for two classes, you have twice the amount of time as the rest of your peers so Mrs. G and I expect superb work from you!


Science Performance Expectations: students will be working on varied expectations this week

CCSS: RI.6.1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8; W.6.1.a, b, c; 2.d; 3.c, d; 4, 8; SL.6.1, b, 4; L.6.2a.b