SGES Enrollment Information Updates

The Open Enrollment Period for the 2020-2021 Sidney Gutierrez Elementary School has closed.

  1. All applications processed during the Open Enrollment period are eligible for the Lottery drawing on May 11, 2020. Due to currently imposed social distancing rules, the Lottery drawing will be held in a virtual format via videoconferencing at the Regular meeting of the SGMS Governing Council at 6:00pm.
  2. If there are more student applications meeting the criteria of the Open Enrollment Period than enrollment slots, all students not previously enrolled in the grade level will be placed in the Open Enrollment Lottery for the remaining enrollment slots to be filled.
  3. Any application received after 5:00pm on Friday, April 17, 2020 will either be enrolled if a slot is available or placed on the grade level wait list in the order that is was received.
  4. Applications for all grade levels (Kindergarten – Grade 5) are still being accepted online and will continue to be for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year.

Open Enrollment Lottery Drawing

Arrangements are being made and instructions will follow with regards to the Open Enrollment Lottery to be held online via videoconference. The Lottery will be on the agenda of the SGMS Governing Council’s regularly schedule May 11, 2020 meeting at 6:00pm. Virtual attendance is not required for students being selected this evening in the lottery. Notifications will be sent out (emailed) to all parents specifying whether the student is enrolled or placed on the wait list.  If you have questions regarding the Lottery drawing please email Principal.