SGMS 2016 - 2017

Another year is upon us at the Sidney Gutierrez Middle School and the staff is excited to have the opportunity to continue creating an exciting and rewarding educational opportunity for the children of our community.

The Sidney Gutierrez Middle School charter is based on the well researched notion that small class sizes and small schools can develop community, which facilitates learning.  In small schools and classes, students can have a significant impact on each other, the school and their own leadership ability.

The staff at Sidney Gutierrez believes strongly that training in educational technologies, curriculum aligned to national and state content standards and benchmarks, and the integration of authentic assessments into every facet of learning, is essential to preparing our students for the world they will face as adults.

The school recognizes the following components as paramount in achieving high student success:

  • Standards-based Learning - School-wide implementation of state content and performance standards combined with quality curriculum, instruction, assessment and program evaluation;
  • Student Support - High expectations for student learning and behavior; caring and respectful learning and working relationships; and safe, healthy, and supportive physical learning environment; and
  • Responsiveness of System - Responsiveness to customers (students, parents and community); genuine engagement and collaboration with the community and effective communication.